My 30 Day Challenge

Weight Gain 4000

Weight Gain 4000 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You want to evoke the fear of God into (most) women? Plant a scale in the middle of a busy corporate department and have a public weigh in. I worked for a corporate company that did such a thing. Women got together to humiliate themselves publically, resulting in a miraculous and drastic change of their eating habits for fear of being scorned at the following week. Not me. I got on the scale every week with no weight gain, steady on 54 kgs, amidst a crowd of women gasping or whispering “how does she do it”. I was the envy of many. I was proud and gave advice freely about how to restrain yourself from gluttony (smug little shit wasn’t I?).

And the walls come crashing down

These days my relationship with chocolate is my comfort, my friend, my happiness during trying times. And that love has spread itself far and wide – across my once firm ass for one! I realised my addiction was a very real thing when I locked myself in my office and scoffed down two chocolates in a space of two minutes flat. With dilated pupils I emerged from behind closed doors to slam into my (thin) colleague who remarked “you should actually wipe the evidence off your face if you want to hide it”. Damn. Blasted. I am discovered.

Thirteen steps

So acknowledging that I have a problem IS the first step right? Right.

I have eaten enough of everything delicious to know what good food and junk tastes like. I have young children who require energy. I am still vibrant with a discovering mind that cannot become demented early due to a lack of proper nutrition AND I really do WANT to look good. My 30 day challenge is to eliminate junk, go to the gym at least 3 times a week, cut down on the caffeine, sleep more, stress less with a view to living a good healthy life. I will start this challenge on the 2nd May (because the 1st is a holiday J) – so feel free to join me and let’s support each other in this fear factor challenge. Stats to be provided on the 2nd May. Cringe.

4 Responses to “My 30 Day Challenge”

  1. Shamona Dukhanti Says:

    I am with you girlfriend!

    WHOOHOOO!!! Let’s DO this!!!! 🙂

  2. i am ready for the challenge my friend 🙂 – errrrr i think i am?

  3. Erm………..

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