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Love In The Future

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I don’t know you yet, but ours will be a love that lasts.

I don’t know you yet, but I know your soul and it resonates with my own. I know that you are kind, loving, generous, caring and sweet.

I don’t know you yet, but I know that your spirituality will allow us both to grow, together and separately, to reach the highest level of consciousness and self-awareness that any human can possess.

I don’t know you yet, but I know that you have ambition second to none. Your drive and passion, vision and goals make you excel in everything you set out to do. Your intellect, wisdom and knowledge about most things will make me want to broaden my own. You will inspire me.

I don’t know you yet, but I know that your life experiences will mirror my own. You will have an understanding and appreciation for a combined journey that few travel in their lifetimes and it will unite us in victory and allow us both to grow as individuals through common experiences.

I don’t know you yet, but damn, you are gorgeous. I wonder, as you look in the mirror every day, whether you notice the exact shade of your eyes, the shape of your mouth or how your face changes when you smile. You are perfection. Flawless in your beauty, made even more attractive by the fact that you don’t know how gorgeous you really are. I could sit watching you for hours. You excite me, delight me and make me want to break out in chorus.

I don’t know you yet, but I do know that ours will be a love that defies all conventional rules. Our love will transcend the obvious physical connection and evolve into something bigger than either of us would have dared believe possible.

It would be magic.

The Dreaded ‘F’ Word

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Not the kind that is inspired by the likes of Freddie Kruger. It is the type that is debilitating, paralysing and stunting growth and development. We are raised in a society that propagates an almost nefarious message throughout our formative years of why we should not do certain things, why it is dangerous to take a risk. Fear in the context of self-preservation, has its place. Fear that prevents you from acting in order to live your best life is one where your freedom is forfeited.

Two weeks ago I made a decision to resign from a stable job that provided me with a decent salary. I have no back-up plan. Whether this is stupid or brave is a debatable thing based on an individual perception, however my decision was based exclusively on the fact that I have a higher calling and a purpose that needs to be fulfilled. My purpose is to be happy and nothing is going to derail me from that ultimate goal.

A wise person told me today that people tend to die at the age of 21 and get buried at 70. Do I want to live an existential life with regrets later on? No. Do you?

Fear has become a safety net for people to stay in bad relationships, jobs, cities or even from BEING. To live a life without risk means that you become nothing. You avoid pain perhaps but neither can you grow or evolve. For years I climbed the imaginary walls in my mind, trying to escape. I can say with conviction that, now, I am finally free. I am versed in a new lingo. I pride myself on my F words but FEAR has no place in there.


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